February 8, 2014

Makeup or made up? What’s your choice?

Lipstick – check

Lip balm – check

Foundation – check

Kajal pencil – check

Finally, my pretty petite colleague ended up checking the contents of her branded handbag and opted to leave her workstation. Yes, it was time for us to clock out from work and head towards our personal lives. So, my colleague finished her final round of touch-up, safely put her cosmetics back into bag and got “PREPARED” to face the world outside office.

We girls are infamous for loving makeup so much. Since the time of The Rape of the Lock’s Belinda, the admiration for cosmetics is going strong. But why this much of admiration for those fragrant and colorful sticks, balms and lotions? Just because they help to get “made up”? Love it or hate it but they momentarily cover up the incompleteness of physical appearance. To make cheeks rosier, to enhance the radiance of face and to make eyes darker, you’ll definitely require makeup.

We all want the world to see the brightest face of ours. By hiding our imperfections? May be yes. But that doesn’t solve the problem in any way? Being dusky isn’t a crime and having pimples isn’t heinous. So why makeup? Just for the sake of physical beautification? As my colleague assumes, may be to face the world with confidence. I beg to differ. Cosmetics and confidence aren’t one and the same. So, why being made up girls? Just change your mind set and shape up your persona without depending on any lipstick or liner. This is surely the best way to win over the world!

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